This is a visual tale about home. About leaving home and about building home.

September 2016 I flew home for the first time to live abroad in Istanbul, leaving behind the safety at my parents place and diving into uncertainty: I didn’t know what to expect in a new city where I didn’t know anyone or even spoke the most basic language.

When I first arrived to Istanbul, I didn’t even have a place to stay for the whole year, just a hostel for a few nights, a suitcase and the doubts of what was to come for me. Lucky enough, I quickly found a room; luckier enough, it was the best place I could have ended up. Before long, the 25 souls living Papa Roncalli 66 became my extended family; one built around shared dinners, kilos of sunflower seeds, packets and packets of cigarettes, litres of beer and wine and long nights that ended when the sun was already high.

Madhouse is a personal diary of the year I spent living in Istanbul and the intimacy of living with people that go from complete strangers to some of the best friends I ever had. It’s an ode to the good times in a time when we mainly focus on the struggle and it’s a corroboration that, sometimes, stepping out of the marked paths can lead to unexpected yet highly satisfying endings.